SAGE Pastel Auditor

SAGE Pastel Auditor

Sage Pastel Auditor – saving you 15 minutes an hour!

Increasing the efficiency of Auditors and Accountants during the engagement process will save time and money – two things that businesses always need more of! With Sage Pastel Auditor, getting to grips with the business is simpler, easier and faster. With Sage Pastel Auditor, you can analyse trends, produce management accounts, as well as a full set of financial statements with notes. In a matter of minutes, it provides you with the “big picture” view of your client’s business, making your job of analysing the data more meaningful.

Sage Pastel Auditor is so advanced, when integrated with our other programs it intuitively draws relevant information from them, saving you at least 15 minutes an hour. You literally take back time from the mundane aspects of accounting, which makes Sage Pastel Auditor software some of the best programming we’ve done so far!

Auditor Version 3 is now available!

Just some of the enhancements:

  • New look and feel
  • 64 Bit Office compatibility
  • Only select the template you require and reduce your data size
  • The Source sheet is now within the program and not in the template. You can also copy Source sheet information between working sets
  • Pastel Generic accounts are automatically mapped
  • Renamed GAAP code descriptions are now also copied between working sets
  • The View menu now shows all of your GL accounts in a grid format, where you can right-click and either process a journal straight to that account, or run a Lead schedule grid
  • All updated templates now include a Compilation report
  • Compilation methodology – available free to all Pastel Auditor Version 3 users!