Backup Services

iron tree

IronTree is fully automated system – no user intervention is required after installation.

Once installed, the IronTree application runs as a service on your PC and launches automatically at a daily scheduled time without any user intervention.
As long as your computer is powered on and has Internet connectivity, the scheduled data backup will be processed.
Additionally, daily email notifications indicating backup results give visibility to the end-user, so immediate action can be taken should a backup fail for whatever reason.

100% Safe & Secure

Data is encrypted using 3 layer encryption and cannot be read without your account details,
password and encryption key. This encryption process takes place on your side BEFORE the data is sent along a secure communications tunnel to us.
It therefore leaves in an encrypted state and is stored on our side as such.
The IronTree Storage Platform is located in a secure data centre, equipped with 24×7 physical security


The IronTree solution starts from as little as R99 + vat per month.
There are no additional charges for bandwidth or data retrieval by the customer.
In addition, you are able to restore data yourself over the Internet.

For more info please contact us on 031 465 6629 or send an email.